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Festivals and Awards

OMOVIES FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection)

Reelout Queer Film Festival (Official Selection)

Petit Plan: Europa (Official Selection)

PrideArts Film Fest (Shorts and Features) (Official Selection)

London Director Awards (Official Selection)

Queerbee LGBT Film Festival (Official Selection)

Positively Different Film Festival (Official Selection)

CineKink Film Festival (BEST DRAMATIC SHORT)

Cine Pobre Film Festival (HONOURABLE MENTION)

Lovers Film Festival (Official Selection)

The Queer Archive (Official Selection)

See Online Film Festival - Cinesquare (Official Selection)

San Francisco Frozen FIlm Festival (BEST LGBTQ THEMED FILM)

Thessaloniki Free Short Festival (BEST LGBTQ FILM)

Pharos Best Inspiration Film Festival (AUDIENCE AWARD)

Garofano Rosso Film Festival (Official Selection)

Thessaloniki Int. G.L.A.D. Film Festival (LGBTI+) (Official Selection)


transition international queer & minorities film festival (Official Selection)

World of Film International Festival Glasgow (Award - Best Focus on Balkan Cinema Short Film)
Bridges International Film Festival (Honorable mention for the social message of the film)
Photopolis Agrinio Photo Festival (Official Selection)

Balkan Can Kino (Special Screening)


Comedy-Drama   |  17 min  |  2021  |  HD

Two guys, one deadly virus, a city in quarantine and a lot of sexual desperation.

Sexuality is usually expressed through having sex. What happens when a pandemic forces you to take that out of the equation?


Andonis and Kostas find ways to suppress their sexuality in a lot of different and sometimes a bit silly ways. They spend their days online doing drag aerobics, cooking, exercising, experimenting with sex toys and mostly by negotiating a meeting with each other.

But human connection can’t be forced or engineered. The greatest distance between them is what they can’t confess to each other.

Sexual Distancing is a post teenager queer dramedy about the sex we didn’t have and the way we grew emotionally when all we had was an internet connection.

Kostas (Thodoris Vrahas) is frustrated with the quarantine. Not only does he have to stay home but he also can’t find anyone to hook up with. He isn't sure he wants to either. Because he is also afraid of the coronavirus. So he finds confort in video games and sex toys.

Andonis (Jeo Pakitsas) is a bit more romantic. He is excited about all the things that he can do now that he has more time to stay home. Every day is a new adventure! From the list of movies he has on his list to the plants in his balcony, there is always something exciting for him to try.


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